Yacht Rigging Inspection & Report

Essential for those without expert knowledge and owners who do not go aloft, our mast and rigging inspection service provides a completely impartial overview of the condition of your mast and its standing and running rigging. Rig checks are available for yachts of all sizes and of any age.

Not only will a rig check highlight any potential issues with your mast and standing rigging, but the rig inspection report will also provide you with annual rig records for maintenance and information to reference in the future should you need to.

Rig inspections are vital for maintaining your vessel’s overall safety and performance. Your mast and rigging should be checked regularly by an experienced, skilled rigging technician, and many marine insurance companies now insist on periodic rig inspections. Even if your boat hasn’t been sailing, the rig is constantly under stress from the elements and so is subject to wear and tear that should be monitored closely to prevent rig failure when under load.

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