Rigging is a vital component of a boat. Even if a boat hasn’t been sailing for a while, rigging is subject to wear and tear and must be regularly checked and maintained. To check it, repair and replace ruined elements is essential for a boat’s safety and performance. Gecko Yachts offers a check, maintenance, reparation and replacement of all the rigging components of a boat.


Rigging check includes inspection of the standing rigging, mast and boom, furling gear, bow spit and running rigging. Gecko Yachts checks every element for anything that looks out of place or shows signs of wear or misalignment. Standing rigging will be checked through:

  • Visual inspection
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Ultrasound

Standing rigging

Gecko Yachts offers a wide spectrum of standing rigging, meeting every type of boat’s needs.

  • Wire 1×19
  • Rod
  • Carbon

Mast, boom, and bow spit

Gecko Yachts provides and installs aluminium and carbon mast, boom, and bow spit.
Gecko Yachts offers the following services:

  • Mast tuning
  • Mast and fitting maintenance
  • Boom, and bow spit maintenance
  • In/out mast preparation for mast refitting of any boat type

Furling systems

Gecko Yachts provides installs and services furling gears for all sails, from the mainsail to gennaker, employing manual, electric, and/or hydraulic systems.

Running rigging

From halyards to mooring lines, running rigging is provided, rigged and set into place for any type of boats, from the classic to the offshore racing ones. Core and cover materials are customized according to the running use. A wide choice of standard colour is available; customized colours are provided upon request. Gecko Yachts offer includes:

  • Running rigging
  • Mooring lines and floating lines
  • Lazy Jack
  • Lacet
  • Soft Loop Shackles
  • Soft pad eye
  • Splicing