Gecko Yachts has extensive experience in boat services and a remarkable ability to source top-quality materials, parts, and technical expertise for everyone, from brand-new boat owners to the most experienced sailors.

Project Management

Luca Repetto, the owner of Gecko Yacht, is available to manage new projects anywhere in the world. No job is too big or too small.
Luca Repetto knowledge and professional experience not only spans sailing but every aspect of a sailboat, from research, design and production, rigging, refitting, deck hardware, repairs, safety and performance improvements, solar charging systems, and general maintenance issues. Over his long career, he has established relationships with many highly respected corporations and people in the sailing industry.
Luca Repetto has been working as a project manager and technical consultant for many large yacht projects in the best yards of the world, like Tencara (IT), Green Marine (UK), Derecktor (USA, FL), MYS (IT), cooperating with top quality brands like Harken, Spinlock, Doyle Sails, Gottifreddi e Maffioli, Maxspar. His last big challenge is the total refitting of the 42m Sailing Vessel “Dione Star” and its lengthening of 4.5m in its middle portion.
Luca Repetto also has excellent experience organising and managing shipyards in extreme conditions, as in the remote islands of the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. The complete recovery of “Orchidea”, a ULDB of 15m, that its crew crashed against a Maldivian reef during the Round the World Rally 1991-1992, represents an outstanding example. Luca Repetto was asked by the sponsor (SEAC BANCHE) to fly there to solve the situation. He managed to manually haul the boat, unfit and refit the keel and rudder, and make all needed reparations while on a small remote island. He then took the helmsman’s place and continued racing the boat, leading it to a third-place finish in the regatta.

Boat tuning

With 40 years of experience and numerous sailed yachts, varying from the classic to the fastest ones, Luca Repetto can suggest the best way to optimise a boat according to its characteristics and planned use. This service is realized through different stages, and it is available for boat owners and for those who are planning to buy a boat. Customers are interviewed about their needs, requests, and wishes. An onboard visit and an eventual check at sea will highlight the best solutions fitting customers’ needs, such as mast tuning, sails choice, deck hardware organisation, alignment checks, etc. Finally, Luca Repetto will take care of all the boat-chosen tuning options. 

Deck Hardware

The deck hardware is a fundamental component of a boat. Carefully planning the position of each element will allow sailors to set and use sails easily. The revision of the deck hardware is essential for the crew’s safety due to the high loads involved. If the hardware is not maintained or positioned correctly, it can lead to damage and injuries.
Gecko Yachts offers customers deck hardware designing and optimization, as well as fitting and maintenance of its vital components, including:

  • winches: manual, electric, hydraulic
  • coffee grinder
  • blocks
  • stopper


Gecko Yachts has more than four decades of experience in the racing and cruising yachting world, partnering with the best sailmakers in the world.
Gecko Yachts can offer a comprehensive sail replacement service, from consultation to measurement, ordering and installation.

Solar and power system

Gecko Yachts can design energy packages fitting any boat’s needs. From alternator power to DCDC converter, “super cap” Kilowatt, inverter and generator, Gecko Yachts can provide and install numerous alternatives to solve a boat’s energy supply.

Watermaker, Air Conditioning (AC), Heating, Electronic

Gecko Yachts can recommend and design the best electronic and comfort systems for a boat with consideration to the boat’s configuration and owner’s needs. Services include providing and installing standard or customized water maker systems, AC, heating systems, and the entire electronic systems for the boat.

Repair and Maintenance

Gecko Yachts takes care of any repair and regular/special maintenance issue of a boat and offers a consultation service to help the owners to develop a plan for prioritizing boat works.
Among the offered services:

  • hull maintenance and reparation
  • high tech solution development and maintenance (i.e., canting keel)
  • regular boat maintenance

Pre-purchase consultation and inspection 

Customers who are considering purchasing a new or second-hand boat can contact Gecko Yachts for consultation with assessing a boat’s characteristics that best match the boat’s intended use. A pre-purchase consultation will help ensure a new owner is purchasing the best type of boat that fits his desires, needs, and experience. We highly recommend this service before you begin shopping for your boat if possible.
Gecko Yachts offers a service of pre-purchase inspection of second-hand vessels to help new owners assess a boat’s correct value. A comprehensive check of standing, running rigging and deck hardware is offered. Hull inspection can also be provided.

Boat delivery

Gecko Yachts can transfer a boat anywhere globally, alone or with the owner on board, allowing customers to relax and enjoy the passage. Boats can also be moved from a shipyard to a marina and vice versa for maintenance, repairs and tuning.

Crew building

Gecko Yachts offers a crew building service for a professional crew or for a family vacation to help boat owners enjoy the most relaxing time.